Industrial property in Straße der Bergarbeiter 3, Halle (Saale), D-06132, district Osendorf, Germany
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Industrial park at D-06132 Halle (Saale), District Osendorf, Straße der Bergarbeiter 3, Germany

General information concerning the surrounding of the object:
The approx. 24.500 sq.m large area is situated at the southern end of the city of Halle-Saale. It has rail-access to the Bundesbahn. With approx. 230.000 inhabitants Halle - Saale has the most inhabitants in the federal state Sachsen-Anhalt. Halle-Saale has a university with approx. 18.000 students and includes several modern science- and research institutions, e.g. Frauenhofer- Institut, Leibnitz-Institut, Max-Planck Institut etc. and is also placed among one of the oldest industry regions of Germany with traditional connections to Eastern Europe.

Access to motorways:
Osendorf is conveniently placed as regards transport facilities exactly in the middle of the triangle which consists of the three important motorways:
 - A14 Dresden-Halle-Magdeburg-Hannover
 - A9 München-Halle-Berlin
 - A38 Leipzig-Halle-Göttingen-Kassel
 - A143 West-bypass- road of Halle (distance between the 3 motorways 8 - 11 km each).

The distance of Osendorf to the Interkontinental-Airport Halle-Leipzig is about 15 km, to the Airport Halle-Oppin (smaller airplanes and helicopters) about 20 km.

Port Halle-Trotta:
The port Halle-Trotta in the north of the city has access to all European waterways and seaports (distance from Osendorf about 12 km.)

ICE-rail connections:
The city of Halle has all ICE-connections to the most important German large cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, München, Hannover, and Frankfurt.

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