Industrial property in Straße der Bergarbeiter 3, Halle (Saale), D-06132, district Osendorf, Germany
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The Property:

Would you like to invest anticyclical? Then you should have a look at this promising property for your future!

Industrial property at Halle/Saale in Osendorf, Germany
Offices, workshops, halls from 100 sq.m to 2.000 sq.m
Open area as parking spaces: concreted as well as not concreted, approx. 18.000 sq.m

You can buy this industrial property completely or subdivided from private person (or rent without commission)!

This ground and / or building is ideal for:

Machinery-producing companies: manufacturing halls are available.
Recycling-companies: high storage-hall with overhead travelling cranes and concreted free spaces is available.
Car repair / Tuning-companies: Repair-halls with enough working space are available
Storage companies: as well storage for high-shelves as small-partial storage-rooms are available.
Parking and storage space: concreted and not concreted is available
Office-buildings: in reasonable standard are available

Short description of the property:

The property has a size of approx. 24.500 sq.m.

There exist:
Large storage-hall 3: headroom 6,5 /9 m, size approx.. 2.000 sq.m
Production hall 2: headroom 4,8 / 7 m, size approx. 820 sq.m
Production- / Storage building 5: headroom 2,6 / 4,5 m, approx. 600 sq.m
Production- / Office building 1: basement headroom approx.4,5m, size 320 sq.m, top floor offices approx. 320 sq.m outside
Crane-portal: height 9 m, length approx. 55 m with rail-access
Free outside areas approx. 18.000 sq.m, approx. 12.000 sq.m concreted
All public supplies are available: current, water, sewage system, telephone.
The property has no contamination: two reports are available: from 1991 and one other from 2008 issued by City Halle!

Surrounding: upcoming area.
Direct neighbours are:
A modern new car dealer; a nationwide working crane renting agency; a large new-built training centre of the Chamber of Commerce of Halle.

Prices for the open area and buildings:

The prices for renting of open areas are:
unfortified open areas: starting at 0,75 sq.m per month
concreted open areas: starting at 1,00 sq.m per month

The prices for buying of open areas are:

unfortified open areas: starting at 20,- per sq.m
concreted open areas: starting at 28,- per sq.m

Renting prices for buildings: starting at 2,- sq.m per month
Purchase prices for buildings: starting at 250,- per sq.m
Renting prices additional VAT

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